What’s Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a time-tested strategy of utilizing power to heal the physique. It really works on the identical scientific precept as acupuncture and is commonly used alongside it to extend the advantage of the remedy. Qi Gong goals to forestall illness by strengthening the physique’s inner organs such because the liver, kidneys and lungs. Some individuals name it a shifting meditation; others describe it as a Chinese language yoga. The Shaolin Temple outline it as a science of the thoughts and physique, and it’s a apply they’ve time examined for a couple of thousand 5 hundred years.

Who does it?

In China it’s practiced by hundreds of thousands of individuals of all age from all walks of life.

College college students recurrently apply Qi Gong earlier than learning to assist with their focus.

Enterprise women and men apply to optimize their power and focus.

Well-known Chinese language actors and celebrities do Qi Gong to assist them appear and feel youthful.

The retired apply to Fan Lao Huan Tong – reverse previous age and return to youthfulness

As China is opening up, Qi Gong is changing into extra widespread:

“The face of train is altering. As a substitute of relentlessly pursuing a sculptured physique, persons are chasing longevity, stress discount and improved well being by mind-body practices like qi gong. The realm of understanding has shifted from individuals simply wanting to construct bulk and lean, toned muscle tissue to them understanding that the inside well being of the physique is simply as vital because the outer well being.”

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New York Instances April 2007

Change the useful age of the physique.

One of the vital vital antioxidant enzyme within the physique is known as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). SOD protects the cells in opposition to injury from superoxide, a extremely poisonous free radical. Superoxide is a reactive number of oxygen that may trigger ageing of the physique’s tissues, together with wrinkling and modifications in pores and skin pigmentation, in the identical manner that publicity to air causes meals to rot or go stale. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is produced naturally by the physique however its exercise declines with age. SOD is commonly known as an anti-aging enzyme as a result of it’s believed to destroy free radicals that will trigger getting old. Scientific analysis on aged practitioners has proven that after Qig ong apply the extent of SOD dramatically will increase and the superoxide is decreased.

Forestall bone loss generally occurring in middle-aged ladies

On the Division of Utilized Arithmetic, Chung-Yuan Christian College, Chung-Li, Taiwan, a examine was accomplished to evaluate the efficacy of a 12-week Baduanjin qigong coaching programme in stopping bone loss for middle-aged ladies. The experimental group acquired a 12-week Baduanjin qi gong coaching programme, whereas the management group didn’t. Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and bone mineral density (BMD) had been measured earlier than and after the intervention. The outcomes confirmed vital variations in IL-6 (t = -5.19, p

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